Museo Lucignano


Museo Lucignano

Situated on the ground floor of the thirteenth-century town hall, the Lucignano Museum collects a collection of sacred art works (13th - 18th century) from Tuscany, including a painting by the Sienese painter Bartolo di Fredi and one by the Renaissance painter Luca Signorelli.

The most valuable work is the Golden Tree, a majestic 2.70 m high reliquary, one of a kind, made by Arezzo and Sienese goldsmiths between 1350 and 1471. The reliquary comes from the Church of San Francesco and contained Franciscan relics and shards of the Cross of Christ. The Golden Tree is located in the center of a large room frescoed in the fifteenth century with a "Cycle of Illustrious Men", and is embellished with corals, rock crystals, miniatures, silver and enamels.

During the year, the Museum organizes side events such as concerts, temporary exhibitions, educational activities for schools.

Village Card: 3€ instead of 5€ for the full entrance ticket and 10% discount for the Museum events

Museo di Lucignano
Piazza del Tribunale, 22


Village Card: 3€ instead of 5€ for the full entrance ticket and 10% discount for the Museum events

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