Villa Vitas


Villa Vitas

According to the most ancient traditions and keeping the pace with the newest technologies, our family has been producing the most renowned wines of FRIULI; a quest for quality which has been handed down, from father to son, for four generations. The farm owned by the Vitas family since 1937, with 15 hectares of vineyards is placed in Strassoldo a striking fortified village from the feudal age in the heart of wine-making area D.O.C. FRIULI. The whole producing process, starting from the wine making up to it's marketing, is strictly family-managed. The building of Villa Vitas dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Built in a typical style of the Venetian Villa, it is surrounded by a beautiful park with secular trees. Among others, in second half of 19th century the Villa was the residence of General Kuhn von Kuhnenfeld, an Austrian Baron and Counsellor of the Emperor Franz Joseph. We manage a point of sale with the wines of our own production, free tasting.
For Village Card and One Day Card owner, 8% off purchasing bottles of wine.


8% off purchasing bottles of wine
Tel 0431 93083

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Your shopping makes you fly on AIR FRANCE, KLM and TRANSAVIA
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Relais la Leopoldina

Located at only 3 km from the Valdichiana Village, the Relais la Leopoldina is in a Manor House dating back to the end of 1700. 

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